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(Because let's face it, if I wanted compliments and praise, I'd post to my main journal, not my original fiction journal. I'm venting, pure and simple.)

I don't think I'm ever going to be a published author.

My fan fiction is fucking excellent. I know this because of the feedback. My original fiction is not fucking excellent.

The Littlest Halfling devolves into a shitty LotR-referential heap of crap. The Golden Players is possibly a little better but needs TLH to be read first to make any sense, which is fair enough, being a sequel and all. The Longest Journey and The Red City are just non-starters.

The Way Home is obviously a transparent attempt to be more inclusive than thou.

The Whole Banana is bullshit from start to finish, no matter how popular the tropes in it are, I have done a dismal job with actually writing them. The Flutterby Effect is obviously shit because it couldn't even hold MY attention all the way to the end, and it has gratuitous smut.

The Fear Collectors was almost not bullshit until things turned from horror to what the fuck fantasy that doesn't even make sense and was clearly me running out of ideas halfway through the book. At least I finished it though. Four for you, Erica.

The Luddite Clause is pure batshit insanity and needs more research and less velociraptors to even start making sense. Props to me for having a genderqueer character? Maaaaybe. It's not like that's actually special unless I get the damn thing published and then manage to successfully field questions about it.

The Pythagorean Paradigm, The Demon's Daughter, and The Angel's Mistress all suck because everyone hates first person stories. I know this because Tumblr told me. Also, could they be any more gratuitously porny? Probably, but it doesn't matter, because nobody gives a fuck, because people don't read first person stories. Although Tumblr also told me that it would love to see a story about a succubus and an incubus trying to damn each other, and I thought, 'Hey, I wrote that!' Awww. None for you, Tumblr.

The Rainbow Connection was probably better when it was the first draft and I wrote nineteen chapters without any idea that I was doing a shitty job.

*long sigh* Okay, that's out of my system; time now to go and fix all these things and convince myself they're not made of suck and fail after all.

There will be another post in a few minutes with pull quotes from each of these stories to make the case for why they don't suck.

Oh, almost forgot, I can't write poetry unless it's a parody of someone else's. Yay me!

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Well, I read first person stuff and like it, but then I read a shitton of YA fiction and that's pretty much how it's all written.

Write what you write and ignore fucking Tumblr. I mean seriously WHYYYY are you taking Tumblr complaints to heart? WHYYYY? I love hanging out there but OMG they piss me off far too often to take all of their criticisms seriously. It's a huge mess of dramatically opinionated people.


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